Dr. Paddington DDS – The Dentist

There are many ways to practice as a dentist, but being your own boss is a huge dream for many and Dr. Paddington is living the dream as a Solo-Dentist. It’s a great feeling to have your name on the cheques you write, that is until reality turns into a financial nightmare. And how much business training did Dr. Paddington get in dental school? That’s right… None! Having perfectionist tendencies and wearing his heart on his sleeve helps his patient care, but hurts his bottom line. It’s time for some outside help. Who can help this vulnerable nice guy and his team out?

Dwayne “the Elephant” Johnson – “A” Practice Consultant

Business is Business, and Dentistry is just another Business, with a capital B. How hard can it be to get more bums into dental seats? With Marketing! Marketing with a Capital M. Dwayne has his own teeth (most of them) and knows a good advertisement when he sees it. Qualifications… Check!

Tanya – The Receptionist

As the first and last face you see at a dental office, a great Dental Receptionist is worth their weight in Gold to a successful practice. When you call the office it’s the Receptionist’s warm and caring voice that greets you, instantly conveying the core values of how that dentist cares for patients. Tanya doesn’t suffer fools at Langford Square Dental Works, nor is she any of things written above, yet.

Kylie – The Sophisticated Dental Hygienist

Style, polish and dental prophy-paste are what make Kylie shine in eyes of her patients. She takes meticulous care of her smile and appearance. It’s easy to see how that translates into her work, when she actually works that is. She loves herself today, just like yesterday, and the day before that.

Chloe – The TLC Dental Hygienist

Warmth and love bubble over for Chloe in her patient care and as part of the Langford Dental team. With a big smile and healthy dose of exuberance there is no problem to big for Chloe to help with. How cute.

Brenda – The Immutable Assistant

Listening is key to solid communication and the best Dental Assistants know what their dentist is needing even before they do. With such quiet efficiency words can only get in the way. Besides, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Need I say more?

Susan Montgomery – “THE” Practice Consultant

Susan hardly needs a business card because her reputation for results precedes her wherever she goes. She has been in the Dental-World for two decades now and worked in every part of the dental office from answering phones to sterilizing instruments. You’d have to live in a hole to not have heard of her before or the success stories she’s facilitated. She wrote the book on how a successful dental practice runs and it is her mission and joy to help others do the same, for a price.

Introduction of characters

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