Dentists are a quirky bunch. And whether it’s by necessity or by calling, the people that work with them are too. Why? There can only be two reasons: 1. It’s the selection process of dental schooling, or 2. It’s a survival mechanism. I believe it to be the later. Part of that survival is the development of a solid sense of humor and of that, the self-deprecating kind. We love to laugh at ourselves and dental patients enjoy a good laugh at our expense too.

Let’s face it: Dentistry is a weird profession. The mouth is one of the most intimate parts of the human body that’s both part public and part private. It’s generally a maintenance-monster that causes a world of hurt when it breaks or is broken-down… and that’s where we work day in and day out. It’s cramped, it’s dark, and sometimes it stinks. Add to that the simple fact that teeth are optional (with a blender and a long enough extension cord, you can eat pretty much anything) we are by extension an optional profession too. Providing great dental care to our patients is hard, often lonely and yet strangely enough awesomely funny. With all of this weirdness going on, how could it not be?!?

And yet with all this “funny-business”, the only dental humor most people have seen or read is in the “funny-pages”. The comic-strip writers know dentists are good material for the newspapers, and the movie industry has gotten some good gags with dentists as side-characters, but where are the Sit-Coms? There is a dearth of dental comedies on TV and the internet. It was clear to us that the insider’s perspective on the trials and tribulations of life in a dental office was missing from the small-screen. And Viola! With our Word of Mouth web-series we are doing what any smart and funny dental team would do… Fill in the Gap! If you’ve ever been to the dentist, or known someone who has, I guarantee you will enjoy laughing at our pain, for a change.

Why a web series about a dentist?

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